Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hwang Mi Hee Most Korean Sexy Race Queen

Hwang Mi Hee is the Korean top sexy model girl. She was born in 1982 and her height is around 174 cm. She is also the racing queen because she becomes famous by modeling at the motor car racing. Now, she becomes top model in Korean because of her beauty and lovely style. Hwang Mi Hee is really sexy and cute Asian model girl.

She is one of my favorite Racing Queen, Hwang Mi Hee. She is a Korean Model that currently being popular on the internet. She is very beautiful, sexy and sometimes she pose very hot. Below you can watch Hwang Mi Hee in her black dress, very beautiful and sexy.

Korean Model Hwang Mi Hee wearing dress pretty with an interesting showroom background. Without a doubt, the photographer managed to capture the absurd cuteness of Hwang Mi Hee. The dress pretty looks great.

Hwang Mi Hee shows off her killer abs in this photo set posted by Drilla. It’s a shame that she doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry yet. I was thinking of writing an article for her, but there’s not much to work with. Beyond the basic description provided by Korean sites, there’s nothing out there. Of course, there’s always an opportunity to write something less accurate on Wikipedia. It would be useful for others to know that Hwang Mi Hee is the prophesied angel sent to earth, whose mesmerizing beauty can put men into a hypnotic state. Note: I didn’t post this on Hwang Mi Hee Fan because the internet here (I recently relocated and am using public wifi) is incredibly slow and the site wouldn’t load for me.


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