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Keira Shabira Sexy Indonesian Artist

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Keira Shabira Sexy Indonesian Artist. Keira Shabira born in Bandung, June 8, 1991, age 19 years is Indonesian actress. She began to be known widely in the community by playing widescreen movie Miracle “Menantang Maut”.
Advertisment : – sari roti (2002)
- asuransi jiwasraya (2003)
Sinetron :
- Gadis (2003)
- Zahara Hantu Gaul
- Pacar Khayalan (2005)
- Teman Tapi Mesra ( mini seri , 2005 )
- Aku ingin menggapaimu (2008)
- SLONONG GIRL (new project,coming soon!)
Film :
- guest star di film CHIKA (2008)
- Lead actrees di film MIRACLE (2007)
- cinta vs jerawat (2005)
- satu cinta untuk mona
- cinta dua-duanya
- jagalah hati (2006)
- pengantin ngacir (2008)
- janji si cantik
- saving princess RYA
- cinta itu pasti datang
- kopi darat olive popeye
- belah ketupat
- menuju rumah cintamu
- kutukan nyi’ ronggeng
- cinta kembar
- demi waktu
- kado terindah (2009)
- mendadak kawin ,etc
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Video clip :
- laguna band: bukan harta
- julian idol: lelaki
- arga band
Enjoys the beach. Keira Shabira so the short answer, a new star in the world of Indonesian cinema, when asked about the location berliburnya favorites.The girl who was still sitting dibangku second class was a high school in Bandung chose Bali as a favorite destination for a vacation.”Bali, there are other guns. The atmosphere is fun, especially culture and society are ‘welcome’, “he said crisply.

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When encountered in a gala premiere of her latest film titled ‘Miracle: Dare Challenging Death?’ On Planet Hollywood Jakarta, Tuesday (11/12) night, she confessed love Bali because of various reasons.”One of them, the atmosphere in Bali who does not like the taste of Indonesia,” he said, explaining that the situation in Bali as tasteless abroad. Just be advised, the number of foreign tourists than locals wandering makes things a little differently.

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Buff chick ice cream and was so fond of Sundanese cuisine coastal atmosphere. Though his daily life in the mountains. Living in Bandung with her family was also bored with the cold air.”It’s nothing. I like the problem, we have tried to swim at the beach and water sports, “he said again,” he said, comparing the atmosphere in the mountain cold and could not ‘do anything’.The girl who claimed their first dive of this wide screen reveals that the holiday is very important to him for refreshing and eliminate fatigue from your daily routine.”Vacation is very important for me. If there is spare time then I would use to go on vacation, “he said again.He then talked about his habit to use the cold face mask to make it feel fresh.


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