Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Artis Cantik Mandarin - Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin artist mandarin sweet sweet-faced extremely benefited with local typical face Taiwan in reaching its popularity. The proof he has 6 years of acting in television series.He had collided acting with many handsome actors, such as: Joe Cheng (It Started With A Kiss), Mike He (Love Contract), and Wu Zun (Tokyo Juliet).This time he was elected starred in the New Legend of Condor Heroes (Loch) and acts as Huang Rong. Loch series is indeed has repeatedly made the series, the 80s played by Barbara Yung Huang Rong, the 90's played by Athena Chu, and in 2000 played by Zhou Xun. Although dubbed as Huang Rong fattest in history, he did not feel uncomfortable.He even promised to try 200 percent to act it and deliberately did not want to watch acting of its predecessor.


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