Friday, December 3, 2010

japan hot girl

Rin Sakuragi was a porn actress in Japan who was born in Hyogo, Japan, on March 3, 1989.Rin Sakuragi early career in the Japanese entertainment world began when he was aged 17 years, which at that time Sakuragi immediately became an adult magazine model.

Rin Sakuragi has 158 cm height was immediately become a very popular Gravure Idol. Gravure Idol itself is a management company that shaded the model with nude poses.

After a world-famous nude model, Rin Sakuragi at the age of 18 knew then released a first porno video entitled ‘Hatsuhana’ which in English means the First Flower.

Hatsuhana video starring Rin Sakuragi has a duration of 120 minutes is directed by Rui Azabu.With the first release of video blue film Sakuragi Rin, his name gradually became known in the realm of Japanese AV Idol.

So far Rin Sakuragi has starred in at least 20 video porn movie still largely directed by Rui Azabu.

Rin Sakuragi peak increasingly uphill career in October 2009, where when the woman with a hobby of watching and playing with her beloved dog is grabbed the second position as the most favorite JAV Idol star.

In addition to dabbling in the adult film business, Rin Sakuragi has a very sexy body is also often act in the drama serial-Japanese.