Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marsha Timothy Seksi Photo

Being behind the scenes is the first experience, Marsha Timothy. At first he had thought to accept the offer to be director of short films titled "NARUTO BERSYUKUR" Because of curiosity and want to learn to finally accept the offer even though he had no confidence and had difficulty.

"It's hard for sure, his name never be a first time director now a director. What's wrong with trying. Want to learn too, want to know more, though still not confident actually," he said when met at the event program Make Film Together Artist (BFBA) on Jl. Cempaka Raya 11A, Rempoa, Bintaro, Thursday (14/10).

White girl who is fondly called Chacha did not want to waste the opportunity afforded. He used the best possible in the future although he is not thought to be a director.

"Ya want to learn his name, yes, yes given the opportunity to explore the best use I wrote. But that does not mean I'll be a director after this. In the future I do not know," she explained.

In this short film was released Chacon himself, he also assisted by professional teams who are sincere and fair in helping. EXPEDITION MADEWA movie player also frequently consults with his team to create a good work.

"Although I'm not the person who engaged in this profession, but not if it is not allowed to work carelessly. Surely if we want to make it a good work," she said.


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