Friday, December 3, 2010

Presenter of this section will be playing in a movie titled Arisan popcorn, along with Andi Soraya and Bella Saphira.
For those who are curious about the Profile Anita Hara can read the following info

Anita Hara Bios:
Name: Anita Hara.
Age: 29 Years.
Date of Birth: March 29, 1980.
Career: Artist, Presenter and singer.

Anita Hara started her career by becoming a soap opera actress in both through extras.
Underwent successful acting in soap operas, doi penetrated into Presenter Gossip and Quiz.
Later in the year 2009, Anita Hara is also a singer with the release of the album, one song that I remember from Anita Hara is the song Boys Association.

Until now, Anita Hara still hiding who is currently filling his heart.
And with the movie popcorn Arisan the sexy images will remain attached to the figure of Anita Hara.


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