Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sudden love : Kim Daul

This is Kim Daul. She's a Korean top model and she's pure, not like the other Korean popular people who got their face done under the knife. That's why I love her.

While everyone were looking for a good-looking models and most of them are European/American, this girl amaze me only with her own life stories in her blog, I Like To Fork Myself. In her blog, she write all of her thinks without any afraid of getting bad comments. She is really cool. I found her looks and her crazy manners in Hong Sukwoo's, hanging around on Daily Projects shop in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul with this outfit :

[081203wed_2.jpg] [081203wed_2b.jpg]
Daul was wearing a vintage KISS t-shirt and grey wig for her pictorial photoshoot session. Her skirt was Ann Sofie Back's.

I thought Kim Daul was like the other models who smokes and love parties. But later I found that she stated herself in here, that she doesn't care what people think about her. She doesn't smoke cigarettes, goes to bed early, and she doesn't party. She said that she only rave-ing at home and she always listens to her mother's words. Well, she stated something like this because she does a photo series with her French gay boyfriends and a lot of people asked her about herself. They said she was on high and drunk and like to act crazy. But the truth is : She's alright and she was just having fun with herself. It's better having fun with yourself and your friends with camera than having fun in parties or clubs.

She's just like a normal girl who just got lucky can be friend with Coco Rocha and she is a great painter too.
For your info, Daul was stopped public-school-ing at age 15 and then she was homeschool-ed until now. Daul's age is same as me, 17 years old this year. She was so young altough she looks older in photos or catwalks. She was ranked on on #47 from TOP 50 MODELS.

This is her on Yeoh Lee backstage :

I really adore this girl, her thinks is different and her personality is unique.


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