Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vivian Hsu Asian Sexy Girl

 Vivian Hsu is Taiwan famous artist that’s quite popular in Japan as well. Vivian made her fame posing nude or foto bugil for magazines and movies, but is now recognized for her music talent instead.
Vivian Hsu started her entertainment career in 1990 after winning a talent contest; she was selected as a member of female trio Shao Nu Dui (means ‘Young Girls’ in Chinese).
The group released their debut album in 1991 and another album in 1992, but didn’t achieve expected success and was disbanded.
Vivian Hsu started modelling then, and made her acting debut in movie Shaolin Kid (1994).
Vivian’s breakthrough came in 1995, where she released a nude book Angel Heart, which achieves huge sales in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.
Vivian Hsu capitalized on the rising fame, starring in nude movies Evil Angel and Angel Hearts, and again achieves great success.
Vivian Hsu produced another 2 nude books Venus and Devil Angel in 1996 before decided to change her approach with her entertainment career; Vivian decided not to be naked anymore.
Vivian Hsu went back to singing and released her first solo single in August 1995 in Taiwan, followed by a single in Japan.
Vivian Hsu released her first album, Angel Dreaming in April 1996, and surprised everyone by releasing a Korean version of the album, Cheonsa Misonyeo in October despite only learning Korean Language for just a week or two.
That’s Vivian’s only album in Korean, she was getting more popularity in Japan and spent more time expanding her career in Tokyo than her homeland Taiwan.
During 2001/2002, Vivian guest hosted Japan variety shows, formed a Japanese band and was pretty well received by Japanese fans. Vivian also played as voice actress for a few popular Japanese anime series.
Vivian Hsu is quite talented in lyrics writing. She wrote some lyrics for Taiwan singers, including a lyric in Taiwan superstar Jay Chou’s debut album in 2000.
Vivian Hsu still managed to release some singles and album in Taiwan during her stay in Japan. It was in 2003 that she decided to focus her career back to her homeland Taiwan.
It’s pity that other than her nude production, Vivian’s only movie hit was Accidental Spy in 2001, with most credits given to her co-star, action superstar Jackie Chan.
Vivian Hsu achieve better success with her music career though, she has released her 4th album in 2006 since shifting her career back to Taiwan in 2003, and are enjoying decent success in sales and popularity.


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