Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wonder Girls - Korean Group Female

The Wonder Girls is one of Korea’s top female pop groups and is making waves across the globe. Their hit songs include Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody etc. which have been released in multiple languages (Korean, English, Chinese).
The current five members of the Wonder Girls are Sun Ye, Ye-eun, Sohee, Yoobin, and Hye-rim.
The Wonder Girls debuted as a five member group in early 2007 with mini-album The Wonders Begin, but underwent a change of member just months later with Hyuna leaving and Yoobin coming in. The new team released their first full album The Wonder Years in September; its main track Tell Me was a huge hit.


Wonder Girl’s popularity is soaring ever since. They released single So Hot in June 2008, which did well; followed by Nobody a few months later which was again one of the most popular songs of the year.
The girls also starred in their own reality TV program Wonder Bakery in late 2008.
After scooping numerous awards at year end music shows, the girls kicked off their first concert tour in February 2009, starting from Bangkok before moving to the US and ending the tour back in South Korea in March.
An announcement was made shortly after the end of their tour, that the girls were ready to take on the American market in full force with the English version of Nobody. And their company brought in another good news in June that the girls would be joining the Jonas Brothers’ concert tour as opening act.
The tour ended in late August, and it obviously helped the girls to gain popularity in the states, as their Nobody single gained a place on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, making them the first ever Korean artists to achieve the feat.
The girls launched their own WG by Wonder Girls cosmetic brand in early 2010. And they are also popular commercial models, endorsing for EXR fashion, BBQ chicken, Cafe Mori and Crown bakery etc. (no longer contracted to some though).
The group underwent their second member change with Sun Mi leaving in February 2010 to pursue her study. Hong Kong born Hye-rim came in as replacement; and the new team released a multi-lingual EP 2 Different Tears in May. The girls also starred in their own reality TV show Made in Wonder Girls in 2010.


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