Friday, December 3, 2010

Asean Hot girl

Erika Kirihara imported directly from Japan to become an actor in the film Arisan Brondong who yesterday launched on February 17, he is a Japanese porn star who was not as popular as Miyabi or Rin Sakuragi, but its action in the world of pornography is considered enough for her professionalism dare to appear completely.
Erika who fell in love with the beauty of the island is not only popular as a JAV Idol. Sagittarius berzodiak women also starred in several comedy series in Japan’s national station.
In ‘Arisan Brondong’, Erika Bella Saphira and perform with the Hollywood actress, Heather Storm. Women’s height was 168 centimeters role as Nana, the wife of Japanese businessman one of the participants gathering.


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