Friday, December 3, 2010

Asean Hot girl

Indonesia has a myriad of delicious culinary heritage to be eaten. Not only the Indonesian archipelago made addicted to food, a Japanese artist Erika Kirihara too.
Cast film ‘Arisan Brondong’ was revealed that he loved to eat goat satay. Goat meat texture and flavor complement the distinctive that makes Erika addicted.
“Delicious, delicious, delicious goat satay,” he explained during a dinner at the office detikhot AFP, Jl Warung Buncit Raya, South Jakarta, Wednesday (02/17/2010).
Erika says in his homeland, the goat is not for sale. Automatic food from goat meat would not be found in restaurants in Japan. No wonder when offered by detikhot goat satay menu for dinner, Erika did not reject it.
When Erika’s visit to Jakarta in December 2009 and then for the purposes of filming ‘Arisan Brondong, he was offered by Maxima Pictures goat satay food. Maxima Pictures is a production house Erika contracted to play in the movie ‘Arisan Brondong’.
Besides goat satay, women born December 15, 1987 was also fond of fried rice with egg ceploknya. Foods that are a meal for most people, Indonesia is considered a unique Erika.
If a guy Indonesia, goat satay and fried rice makes Erika interested, not with the weather in Jakarta. According to the air in Jakarta is very hot.
“Very hot in here, quite different in Tokyo,” he said.
Besides heat, Erika is also not resistant to the congestion and pollution in Jakarta. No wonder over in Jakarta he rarely left the hotel during the day and prefer to walk as the sun began to slip on the western horizon.


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