Thursday, December 9, 2010

Debby Ayu Telanjang di Film 13 Cara Memanggil Setan

The model will enter the world of film, Debby Ayu now many scenes portray the open-aperture. In his latest film, 13 Ways Calling Satan produced Ki Kusumo, he again dared beradegan vulgar.
"My role as Tera involved in youth group who found the book of ancient Javanese Fibers. In this film I was visited by demons when she was bathing, "said Debby on location filming the movie 13 Ways Calling Satan, Bekasi, West Java, on Monday (29/11) ..
His name is fear, though without wearing any clothes, she still ran. Debby said, in this scene makes it the most challenged. The reason, he should really appear naked.
"Because of this demand scenario and is the scene that remains to do, why not? The important thing is professional. Moreover, I see a good director. So the impression that emerged was not a dirty porn, but even so artistic, "said Debby.
Ki Kusumo responded that every scene is packed exclusive and different, "Importantly, all the scenes in the movie 13 Ways Calling us Devils containers exclusively. So that comes his impression will be different with other films, "he concluded.


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