Thursday, December 9, 2010

Foto Syahrini pamer CD beredar di internet

Not to mean exposing "private parts" but to give a bad example as well as the lessons that might be useful and valuable for the ladies (especially the celebrities in this country).
Do not play on the edge of the gutter, if you do not want to hit the water dirty, do not go near the buffalo wallow, if you do not want to hit the mud, so a saying that seems appropriate for this shameful incident.
This photo was accidentally obtained when walking - the road in the village google mozilla sub pc with addresses and house numbers are already ilang pas facebook hang out on the corner of the park, (weeelaah, even nglantur, anyway, especially the womenfolk who make frequent contact with the area shooting and became an icon of society, should not make it to replicate but to be more vigilant. should never ever use a short skirt without panties long to cover the security triangle.
His name is his eyes, let alone a pug nose, er, sorry .. meant nyang johns and have a habit Ngintip (kayak builders camera yes, .. hehehe ... its ngintipin people, paid again, .. wkwkw) will surely delight disuguhin appearances "horror "alias" mask jengglot "on this one.
Anyway, obviously take the positive side. discard the negative side. and another "DO NOT AGREE BUGIL FRONT CAMERA ..!!!!" .????



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