Friday, October 22, 2010

Andhara Early Sexy Indonesian Presenter

This is girl one super duper deh the breast size, big! , Full the package, and like it can make order keyboard computer. certain ngga fall may keyboard take there! no amazed the man now can not ignore she, can not give satisfaction make him make one night, and final he asks divorce!
She borns from Adilwan Astrawinata (father) and Narwila Narang (the mother). woman tall around 160cm that four bersaudara from sisters, that is ariaputra emir astrawinata, adindari edvinari Astrawinata, and Alifputra Etienne Astrawinata. The father then married Nourma Yunita.

She is ever come up as runner up and cover girl favorite winner 1995. before come up as magazine cover model Playboy principal edition indonesia in 7 aprils 2006, he also ever comes up as noodle advertisement sedaap, goldmart, and h&r. Acting in house film Rumah Ketujuh and Badan Pasti Berlalu can be watchinged at sail. She also berakting in sinetron Dunia Tanpa Koma, Selebriti juga Manusia, Lupus Milenia II, Vanya, Bekisar Merah, dan Perayaan Besar.
She also presenter in programme By Request (sctv), Pesta(indosiar), LatiNight (metrotv), Espresso (antv), Gelar Panco (Indosiar), dan MTV Campus (MTV).


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