Sunday, October 24, 2010

Febby Lawrence Indonesian Sexy Actress

Febby Renasari Lawrence  born at jakarta, 3 marches 1974 age 36 year indonesia characterization.She is career precede by becoming a model, then he clears away to character art world. one of [the] film ever headlined rini boyish in the year 1991. febby more knowledgeable as one of the Indonesian Boomsex  with sally marcellina, kiki fatmala and taffana the courage blessing goddess berdegan hot at amount of metropolis maidenlike film, selingkuh, love and desire, enthusiastic at top etc. after indonesia film world experiences decline, he plays in amount of title sinetron.
Febby Lawrence is actress in era 90-an. She is very sexy and hot in every her movie. Now she not actvie again in movie world indonesia.

* Rini Tomboy (1991)
* Gadis Metropolis (1991)
* Selir Durgaratih III (1994)
* Roda-Roda Asmara Di Bukit Sentul (1995)
* Gadis Metropolis 2 (1995)
* Selingkuh (1996)
* Lampiasan Nafsu (1996)
* Cinta dan Nafsu (1996)
* Bisikan Nafsu (1996)
* Misteri Cinta (1999)
* Hukuman Zinah (1999)
* Bergairah di Puncak (1999)
* Arwah yang Kembali (2002)
* Terlanjur Cinta (2009)


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