Friday, October 22, 2010

Deriell Jaqueline Sexy Pose

Deriell Jaqueline Sexy Photo Model Majalah Popular 2010. Deriell Jaqueline is a sexy photo model in the popular Indonesian magazine, below is a collection of photographs is Deriell Jaqueline.
'BEHIND THE HOT SCENE "DERIELL JAQUELINE "When POPULAR asking her topless scene in one movie, Deriell quickly replied," That's not engineering the camera, I really do not wear anything, "her voice was melodious to the ear." THE local horror movie fan, of course familiar with the face and body attractiveness POPULAR cover model this time. Yes, Deriell Jaqueline always goto the sexy roles in several horror films. To POPULAR, he admitted had wept when she first jumped into the heat for a film project. However, once involved in the next movie, a girl born in Galway 25 years ago was just primed and ready.


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