Friday, October 29, 2010

Syahrini Indonesian Sexy Celeb

Syahrini (Born at bogor, west java, 1 august 1982; age 28 year) a indonesia nationality singer. lawyer principal album from university Pakuan Bogor this My Lovely in 2008.Before merilis first album, second child from three bersaudara this is ever sings for brown film compilation album Coklat Stroberi with song title" Tatapan Cinta" .

Syahrini known as bew comer singer. second child principal album from three bersaudara this is merilis at year 2008 with coronet my is lovely. maiden that born at bogor, 1 august 1982 rely on lie song from album my lovely.Before album my is lovely, rini, such lawyer calling from university pakuan bogor this, merge into brown film compilation album stroberi with gaze song title has loved.
Successful principal album first appearance, in may 2009 syahrini future merilis album both. but single the gamecock, dizzy very hardly future merilis beforehand in may 2009. different from previous album, dizzy very hardly this be creation syahrini self.

Although counted new at world entertainment, but syahrini enough dare to try area other, besides pull voice which during the time menggelutinya. in 2009, he tries the acting ability via film the thief kuburans.
Syahrini diCium Anang Hermansyah
In song clip video duet Anang Hermansyah with the new pair, Syahrini do several times intimate scenes. two songs each don't choose me and love latest about troth a pair. then how does girl pair and this widower endures shooting intimate clip?

Dahsyat awards 2010 genuinely spectacular moment spreaded out last night (friday, 26/2). besides board musicians appearance on, this music favour is genuinely impressive, spectacular, and really terrible. at least that's expression from several stars that present to like syahrini and daughter hermansyah sempat berduet with song"Jangan Memilih Aku"