Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wiwid Gunawan Indonesian Sexy Celeb

Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi (Borns at bandung, west java, 21 junes 1982; age 27 year; more knowledgeable as Wiwid Gunawan) actress and indonesia advertisement star.


Wiwid Gunawan begin known by public after play a part in sinetron Cinderella.Wiwid Gunawan more known vast after play a part in wide sail film Kawin Kontrak.
Wiwid Gunawan ever admit watch pornographic film. " i am the glad bule gitu, " he said. hobby Wiwid watch pornographic film starts when he endures syuting film 'Kawin Kontrak. ' in film he is a iron bed scene. " i am observation watches erotic movies, " said wiwid the acting moment iron bed enough convince that, said wiwid at Euro Cafe, Belleza, Permata Hijau, jakarta south, wednesday. From movies menontonnya that, Wiwid try to imitate when intimate. from there, he can more inspire the acting at marry contract. without shy, he admits several pornographic films. if bored, he will swop film with the friends.


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