Saturday, October 23, 2010

Intan RJ sexy photo

Artist Intan Intan RJ Rizky Jaenab or sexy photos appear as an adult magazine cover, Hot. Originally recognized by the host of infotainment in Indosiar Kiss it as something heavy to be lived. Moreover, his family has been in the business including protective clothing.
“Beginning at first I honestly still a little heavy when I first received it, because my family background that was of Arab descent and also we are not from the family that adopts a free in the sense of free clothes and that’s not an easy thing, too,” said Diamond, when met at the birthday Asmirandah Hall Kemang, Jakarta, Tuesday (5 / 10) night.
Diamond claims could communicate intensely with the family before accepting the offer. Until finally be accepted by a number of requirements that must be met.
“Why would I take because I was also a two-way communication and allow them, because I was not too vulgar here, unlike the previous edition. And it is the image of the magazine will no longer be made in class usually, the wish of class A and B,” said Intan .
“With the concept of life they offer Thai Boxing, I then received a variety of terms for refusing to wear a two peaces only,” added Diamond.


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